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Responsive Website Design

Since last decade people are using mobile phones in the place of laptop or desktop for internet surfing, web content and connect themselves with their friends and relatives. People at large number are using mobile phones to access the internet.

This phenomenon brought an evolution in the world of technology as it is a very vital issue that the website you developing is accessible by all media. Are you seeking out the options for such accessibility disregarding the kind of device you are using? Azureink has one answer for all your searches that is Responsive Website Design.

What is Responsive Website Design:

Responsive Website Design provides an optimal and bilateral approach to the viewer. It is an enhanced technology to develop a website accessible to all devices. This website design permits your website to integrate all devices ranging from smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Azureink experienced designers and developers create numerous files for your web page. These files enable your website to respond to various devices. Our main aim is to design your website to reprocess your web code for handling in multiple devices orientation.

Why Responsive Website Design:

Responsive website design enables persuasive changes to the presentation of your website and content. It helps to reach your website on various devices. Some of the main reasons why responsive web design is effective to engross your business:

This responsive technique is highly advanced that enlarge the number of audiences

  • It is very efficient technology
  • This enables your website to become mobile-friendly
  • It aids Search Engine Optimization
  • This developed web page allows you to raise your patrons in the market
  • It is a consumer engaging and entertaining technology

Methods Azureink use to Create
Responsive Website Design:

Responsive web design or mobile web design can be viewed on any device. By this technique, your website looks good, easy to use and friendly to all devices. Some of the features that are used to create a responsive website:

Techniques to Create
Responsive Website Design:

Being one of the best mobile app development companies in India, we cater to a wide array of business verticals. Some of our verticals include:


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

HTML and REM unit makes your content easy to digest and easily readable by default for a particular device and resolution. Bookmarklet looks after the existing content work and makes it effective and appealing to read fonts like Enhance.Jsor Smashing Magazine Approach improves your font performance. Moreover, Typographics mixins help you to control your font size and remain semantic.

Media queries in

Scientific Storytelling / MLR Standards | Identity

This technique is used to create Responsive Web design. This JavaScript is used to regulate the height and width of a viewport to make web pages look good. These are a syntax highlighter that helps to add colors to the web page and HTML animation feature help to add images and animations to the website.


Scientific Storytelling / MLR Standards | Identityy

This innovative and advanced feature allows your website to open in different browsers. It can perform all functions payments, forms, likes, sharing, emails, and dashboards.


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

It is a very simple feature, but it contains multiple approaches. This approach has some specific features like Flexbox that helps to control layout pieces of content within each module. Moreover, CSS tricks guide to flexbox or flexbox polyfill makes this feature enhanced. CSS grid layout is for the macro level layout.


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

Leveraging on the comprehensive experience of designers and professionals, Azureink is making customized and cost-effective websites. These websites looks good with the readable content on every device. We have a team of web designers who are focused on the details of design, content, and performance to assure the accessibility of your website on every device. We analyze your audience and target them as per your vision.

  • User-friendly website
  • Customized designs
  • Reasonable rates
  • Increases your conversion rates
  • Follow your vision and desire
  • Target your audience

How Azureink Work to Design
Static Website for your Business or Brand:

A website is an exclusively a unique way to represent your company, products, and brands. It is not an easy task to create or design a website that fits all devices. Our website designers work hard for days to completely fulfill your expectations. We only need some specific details to meet your requirements. Details and process we follow to design a responsive website:

Details we need from the clients' end:

  • Aims and objectives of the company that simply means for whom we are designing the website and who are the targeted customers.
  • Vision, mission, and brand of the company
  • Products and services rendered by the owner

The process we follow to make websites:

  • We forward all these details to our professional website designers.
  • Following the information of clients, our designers make customized websites.

Some logical facts and stats about Responsive web design:

  • Mobile-friendly website.
  • Mobile alone has 52.64% online traffic, which is more than the traffic on the desktop.
  • 79% are using mobiles globally.
  • Mobile users expect that the loading time of any website should be 0.5 second.
  • 47% people expect to load a webpage in less than 2 seconds.
  • Major part of the population focuses on products and services.
  • Helps to increase the sales of the products.

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we deliver Awesome
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Highly scalable and robust mobile apps from experienced team of 40+ mobile app developers who've worked on 300+ apps so far.

Cross-device functionality across all smartphone devices- compatible with all versions of smartphones.

Assigning the work to right team dedicated to your project to reduce complexity and enhance productivity.

Highly scalable and robust mobile apps from experienced team of 40+ mobile app developers who've worked on 300+ apps so far.

Cross-device functionality across all smartphone devices- compatible with all versions of smartphones.

Assigning the work to right team dedicated to your project to reduce complexity and enhance productivity.

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